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Back to Magic

Back to Magic


Lake Shangri-La is set in a Colorado valley so hauntingly beautiful that it defies description. Many have tried, and one word keeps popping up over the centuries: magic. “Magic” is just what Leela Sheridan needs when she is offered the job of bookkeeper at her uncle’s guest ranch. Feeling fragile after a painful divorce, she hopes the serene mountain valley will allow her to find a new life. What she doesn’t expect to find is love.


Ian McCullough, a handsome and mysterious man, is unlike any other she has ever met. What’s more, from the moment she sees him, there is something hauntingly familiar about him. She feels as though she has known him before, but where—and when?


When she learns that Ian is actually a ghost from the old abandoned mining town, Leela is stunned. He tells her that she is his lost love, a woman who died mysteriously more than a century earlier—and her life begins to spin out of control. In her idyllic mountain paradise, the horrors of the past, the confusion of the present, and the promise of love reunited across the years await those brave enough to believe.


Visions of Magic


The Past....The Present....The Future...The Possibilities. Visions of Magic is the second book in Sue Randolph's Magic Chronicles Trilogy. The story of the star-crossed lovers, Ian McCullough and Anna Barrister that began in the 1880's continues on in present day Colorado. Their illicit love story, set in the fictional town of Tawny during its peak mining period, is burdened with risk as Anna's domineering and jealous husband wheels and deals property and lives. Then a murder chills and horrifies everyone and puts into motion future events that will have lasting effects.


Leela Sheridan, the present day reincarnation of Anna, works at her Uncle's guest ranch in the same part of Colorado where Tawny was located. In the first book, Back to Magic, she found herself falling in love with a handsome young stranger but was shocked to realize that Ian McCullough was really a ghost.


In Visions of Magic, Ian is eager to return to their past happiness in Tawny and thinks he has found way to do so. He is also determined to take Leela with him. Somehow Leela must decide between staying in the present alone or going back and remaining permanently in the past with the man she loves.


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About the Author


Born in the Midwest, Sue Randolph knew when she first came to Colorado at the young age of twelve that she had found her true home. After a long, five-year hiatus, she has returned to her adopted state. She is currently working on the third and final book in her "Magic Chronicles" series, Portals of Magic.


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